Monday, January 23, 2012

Orwell in Spain

Some background on Placa de George Orwell.  You should read the book too, especially if you are planning a visit to wonderful Barcelona.

Hat tip: Lars Skipper

This post is dedicated to over-zealous corporate IT staff who ban this blog. Surprisingly, not an empty set.


Dan said...

What is the set of IT staffs that ban your blog and do not ban Facebook?

econjeff said...

The overzealous IT staff that I know about belongs to the employer of a regular reader but they backed off after the Orwell post. Hopefully there are not too many others. Apparently this particular firm was put off by my posts regarding novel ways to fund one's higher education.

Dan said...

Ha! I ask because one time, I tried to reserve a room for GEO in the ... let's say Lichigan Meague. They needed manager approval for something so I saw somebody walk back into a room and talk to the manager, who said, "hold on, it'll be a minute," and went back to composing a Facebook message. Neither person was a student employee.