Tuesday, January 3, 2012

John Cochrane blogging

University of Chicago Booth School macroeconomist John Cochrane is now blogging, which is very cool.

I took John's first-year macro course in the economics department (where he was before moving to Booth) my first quarter of graduate school back in the Fall of 1985. It was an excellent class; John did a really good job of putting each paper that we covered in context and also arranging them in a way so that the entire class told a coherent story.

I also learned from poking around on John's site, that his wife, Beth Fama (the "Fama's daughter" as we called her in one of our better skits) is now writing young adult fiction. Beth was a fellow student in John's class in the Fall of 1985, though as I recall she was getting her doctorate in what was then the Graduate School of Business rather than in economics.

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