Thursday, January 5, 2012

Movie: The Artist

We had some trepidation about seeing "The Artist" - it is (sort of) a silent film - but were won over by the very high - 97 - rating at rotten tomatoes. It turned out that the critics were quite right. The film is a delight, visually, historically and due to the beautiful music that (largely) replaces the spoken word.

To quote A.O. Scott's fine NYT review:
All of this suggests a feast for antiquarian film geeks. It certainly is, and Mr. Hazanavicius’s skill in replicating some of the visual effects of early cinema is impressive. But he evokes the glamour and strangeness of silent movies without entirely capturing the full range of their power. His film is less a faithful reproduction than a tasteful updating, like a reconstituted classic roadster with a GPS device and a hybrid engine.

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