Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Charles Murray quiz

There is an interesting quiz in Charles Murray's (of Losing Ground fame, for older readers) new book Coming Apart that addresses the subject of the cultural disconnect between upper-middle-class Americas and working class and plain-old-middle-class Americans.

My score: on the quiz is 2, with both points coming from movies. And I think of myself as pretty conversant with popular culture by academic standards. Indeed, I still have fond memories of taking one of my graduate school girlfriends (now a successful academic) to Burger King for the first time in her life. Perhaps Murray needs to expand the quiz so that it does a better job of sorting in the tails of the distribution.

Hat tip: Dimitriy Masterov

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Jeremy said...

I got between a 28 and a 31, depending on whether going to a Rotary club to accept an award in high school counts and whether the intramural football team at my grad school counts as wearing a uniform. 2 is very low!