Sunday, January 22, 2012

Clothing police

Some dingbat politician in Louisiana wants to ban the wearing of pajamas in public.
Williams told the Shreveport Times he was moved to push for an ordinance after an incident at a local Walmart in which he and others were offended by a customer clad in pajamas.
"I saw a group of young men wearing pajama pants and house shoes," he said, according to the Times. "At the part where there should have been underwear," his private parts were showing through the fabric.
Williams [told] the Times that “pajamas are designed to be worn in the bedroom at night."
“If you can't (wear pajamas) at the boardwalk or courthouse, why are you going to do it in a restaurant or in public? Today it's pajamas," Williams said. "Tomorrow it's underwear. Where does it stop?"
In contrast, I want to ban the politicians from speaking in public.

Hat tip: Dann Millimet

Bonus: the Wall Street Journal on pajamas as a fashion trend.

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