Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Fashionable Professor

It has been a matter of some discussion in my household whether I should teach my undergraduate econometrics course in polo shirts or in button-down shirts. In order to shed some additional empirical light on the issue, I decided to gather some input from the students, and so added a question on the issue to my end-of-semester feedback form. The results from that exercise are:

Button down: 7
Polo: 16
Other: 13
Not voting: 34 (in almost all cases because no feedback form at all was turned in)

The polo total includes three or four votes for "whatever is most comfortable". Among the other suggests were Hawaiian shirts (someone misses Lones Smith), a tuxedo, a tuxedo t-shirt and, from one misguided soul, showing up naked.

Bottom line: next fall I will wear more polo shirts.

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