Thursday, January 19, 2012

More on interesting ways to pay for college

The Jackson (Michigan) News runs a story about undergraduates on the web site (probably not a good idea at work) which acts as a broker between buyers and sellers on the medium-term paid relationship services market, informally known as the sugar babies market. This market lies somewhere between paid escorts who charge by the hour or day and particularly mercenary marriages.

The Jackson News story basically riffs on this press release from Seeking Arrangements, but adds in the obligatory scary remarks from local law enforcement (playing double duty here as moral scolds) and local college administrators who note the legal cover provided to their institutions by their email address use regulations, which presumably most students never read.

As with yesterday's Dare Dorm TV story, note the implicit mutually beneficial exchange between the Jackson News, which gets to excite its readers with stories of wild coeds, and the Seeking Arrangements folks, who get free advertising for the site.

A couple other fun bits: (1) the guy who runs the website has an MBA from MIT.  I am not really surprised given the clever marketing strategy; and (2) very conservative Hillsdale College has 11 sugar babies signed up on the site with their email addresses. I guess the free market message is working.

Hat tip: Actually, I found this on my own via the daily update email from but Dan Marcin also emailed me to alert me regarding the article, perhaps in the hope that a hat tip would help him to capture the votes of sugar babies as well as sugar mommies and daddies in his bid to unseat ancient local Congressman John Dingell.

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