Sunday, October 31, 2010

Penn State 41, Michigan 31

Unlike Washington, Michigan showed some signs of life, having brought an offense to Happy Valley but no defense. Still, it was not really as close as the score, in part because class act Joe Paterno turned off the engine at the end and had his quarterback take a knee inside the Michigan 5 yard line.

Now, suppose, as seems reasonably likely, that Michigan loses all its remaining games other than that against hapless Purdue, and so is bowl eligible having beaten only Purdue, Indiana and four glorified high school teams. Should it go to a bowl if one is offered?

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Jason Kerwin said...

In that scenario I think the athletic department fires Rodriguez in order to try to go after Harbaugh. I've heard Les Miles is on the table as well. It isn't clear what their options will be if they give him another year or two before kicking him to the curb.