Saturday, October 9, 2010

Parody of newspaper articles covering scientific papers

This offering from the Guardian is fabulous!

Two teasers:
In this paragraph I will state in which journal the research will be published. I won't provide a link because either a) the concept of adding links to web pages is alien to the editors, b) I can't be bothered, or c) the journal inexplicably set the embargo on the press release to expire before the paper was actually published.
This paragraph contained useful information or context, but was removed by the sub-editor to keep the article within an arbitrary word limit in case the internet runs out of space.
Read the whole thing - I was laughing out loud.

Hat tip: Taylor Hui

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simone_la_monaca said...

LOL! Very funny indeed. Some of the comments are also hilarious. My favorite is from one Adam Rutheford:

"This is a quickly fired off ill-thought-out-comment after reading the standfirst, in which I state an ignorant but unshaekable belief of mine that is only partially related to the article, which I haven't read, and a passive aggressive ad hom to the author."