Sunday, October 17, 2010

Assorted links

1. You think "rich whitey" can't win in Chicago?

2. Alan Krueger heads back to Princeton. My take: in the end, being a professor is just a lot more fun than working inside the beltway.

3. An (interesting but only partially successful) attempt at making the French demonstrators look like something other than spoiled children who want to live in a make-believe world with no budget constraint.

4. There are so many substantive things to criticize the current president about (just like there were with the last one, though a subset of them are different), why bother with this sort of rubbish, which serves mainly to make the president look good by suggesting that this is all the critic could come up with?

Hat tip on #1 to Dann Millimet. I think #2 and #3 are via Marginal Revolution.

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