Thursday, October 14, 2010

IZA European Summer School in Labor Economics

European graduate students (including Europeans studying at universities in North America) should consider applying for the European Summer School in Labor Economics (ESSLE) that his held by the IZA each summer.

Each year's version of the summer school has two different faculty members; this year they are Shelley Lundberg and Jean-Marc Robin, both excellent economists. I taught at the summer school several years ago and the person I taught with, Chris Pissaridies, just won the Nobel prize! That class was also where I met frequent hat tip recipient (and very fine economist) Lars Skipper, impressive young Danish labor economist Marianne Simonsen and my new Michigan colleague Manuela Angelucci along with many other fine students. That is all by way of saying that (perhaps excepting me) the faculty and students are worth getting to know.

The IZA web page with more details is here.

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