Thursday, August 5, 2010

Religions in conflict at EMU

An interesting religion case is brewing in at Eastern Michigan University in nearby Ypsilanti. A Christian graduate student in the counseling program was kicked out because she refused to counsel gay people.

I disagree with the student's views but it seems like she should be able to hold them, and act on them when it is not majorly disruptive, as it clearly is not in this case, without getting kicked out of her program.

There are few things as moving as the intolerance of people who think of themselves as tolerant, in this case the EMU counseling faculty, who were even berated by the most recent judge to hear the case for being "unfriendly and arrogant."

Methinks maybe the EMU counseling faculty could themselves use some counseling, not least because their intolerance and posing is costing the Michigan taxpayer a lot of money.

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