Saturday, August 21, 2010

New term

The new term that I learned at my 30 year high school reunion is elder goth.

From the wikiinfo entry on "goth, we learn

An elder goth is a senior member of the goth subculture, usually between the ages of 29 and 40. Elder goths are generally longtime veterans of the scene, perhaps going back to the Batcave era, but there are some late bloomers.

Elder goths are more likely to draw upon the artistic aspects of the scene, in contrast to their younger counterparts who are sometimes motivated to act for shock value. Older goths may regard those who act in this ways as poseurs. An elder goth may refuse to acknowledge them as fellow goths. In contrast to the stereotypical image of a goth as a maladjusted outcast loner, some elders are married with families, and most have close knit ties with other members of the subculture.

I think they need to extend the upper end of the age range.

More broadly, culture is amazing.

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