Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NYT throws sand at Economist, refuses to share shovel

A rather snotty NYT piece on the marketing strategy and circulation success of the Economist.

For me, the more relevant difference between the NYT and the Economist is that when they write about a subject I know something about, the Economist is much more likely to get it right.

And, really, for the NYT to be suggesting that Economist readers are posers and wannabes is so rich, and so lacking in self-knowledge, as to almost defy description.

Now if only the Economist had a monthly "best of" edition I would subscribe. Every week is just too much paper.

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Seabreeze said...

Right, and the wedding announcements and fashion section in the NYT are there because they contain important information, not because they appeal to certain peoples' lamest upwardly mobile instincts.