Monday, August 16, 2010

On Muslims near Ground Zero

This is such an easy one. Freedom means nothing unless it applies to people you don't like. Put differently, being an adult in a partly free society means leaving other people alone in their choice of leisure time activities and religious beliefs.

The right is embarrassing itself on this one and, indeed, is acting like the people they claim to hate rather than like people who understand the principles that animated the founding of this country.

More prosaically, the Muslim cultural center (or mosque or whatever, the point does not depend on which one it is) might well improve the neighborhood.

The link is via Sue Dynarski on FB

Addendum: a fine rant from Dan Drezner.

Addendum 2: Harry Reid caves in to the mob. This is called being a follower, not a leader. We could use some leaders on this issue. It is very much a teachable moment.

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