Thursday, August 5, 2010

Movies: Salt, Inception, and Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

Salt, with Angelina Jolie. Fine summer spy fun. Don't expect anything too deep. The NYT is right on target. Recommended.

Inception. Cool, original and fun. Certainly one of the better movies I have seen this year but it is not as good as Matrix. I think the NYT is a bit too hard on the film, but otherwise captures the issues pretty well. Highly recommended.

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work. A fascinating look into what it is like to live the life of Joan. She is crazy in her way, and an astounding workaholic, but I came away from the movie with more empathy than when I went in, and not just because she has a library full of real books. The NYT review again hits the right note. Recommended.

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