Friday, August 20, 2010

Like Christian pop music, only better

There is a whole subculture of Christian this and Christian that, most of it consumed not by Christians in general but by particular subgroups within the broader Christian population who seek to isolate themselves, more or less, from the broader culture, as a means either of reducing temptation or simply of avoiding engagement. This site, on the other hand, illustrates an attempt to incorporate and Christianize one particular aspect of popular culture, namely hedonistic sexuality.

I suppose that Luther might like this; probably Paul and the Pope would not.

I find it fascinating to watch the interplay between religions, both secular and spiritual, and broader trends in popular culture. In many cases, like this one, religion ends up reacting to outside forces, rather than taking the lead in change. Similar interactions can be found in religious responses to environmentalism.

Marginally safe for work: naughty words but no pics.

Hat tip: my best friend.

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