Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rules for the job market

I learned this today:

Shapiro's Third Law of the Job Market: "You are not allowed to have preferences until you have at least two offers."


Addendum: further research yielded the first two laws:

1. Take your best offer

2. You only need one job


Jessica said...

Can we revise this to: You will be happier with your outcome if you refrain from forming preferences until you have at least two offers. Framing effects, come on people.

Placing the emphasis on the optimization function feels better than focusing on the Shapiro-mandated constraint. I like interior solutions.

sutirthabagchi said...

And as someone on the job market, am keen to hear the other two. Or for those, should I approach the man himself?

A. Nonny Mouse said...

In a world of joint searches and sequential exploding offers, these rules may no longer apply.