Sunday, September 22, 2013

Assorted links

1. Scary administrators at U. of Oregon. One wonders whether the fact that so many administrators act like power-mad weasels - it happens here too - is selection or treatment effect.

2. "Old" versions of famous websites.

3. It's for the children, really. I failed a drug test related to our adoption due to having had a poppyseed bagel. Fortunately, the people interpreting the test were not idiots in my case.

4. Astoundingly, this NSA job posting is not from the Onion.

5. Interview with science fiction author John Scalzi, who, as I recall, was editor of the Chicago Maroon at some point when I was in gradual school.

#1 and #3 via instapundit. Hat tip on #4 to Dan Black.

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