Saturday, July 6, 2013

The magic of STEM?

The Miami Herald offers a nice report on the dubious employment magic of STEM degrees.

The bits at the end are pretty funny. First the president of Florida International University (FIU) says that people should gets liberal arts degrees because it is impossible to predict what sorts of jobs they hold when they finish college. Then the chancellor of the University of Florida system says that the problem is exactly the reverse, that there is not enough central planning and micro-management of degree choices.

And, of course, shortages are all about prices and restrictions on entry, at least in all but the shortest run.

Tentative bottom line: the folks in Florida are making it up as they go along and really have no idea what their students should major in.

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don said...

It's almost like they haven't noticed that the working degree in most sciences is a PhD, while in engineering it's a bachelors. Next they're going to discover that surgeons with bachelors degrees are not well employed either.