Sunday, July 7, 2013

Movie: Kings of Summer

We saw Kings of Summer at the Michigan Theater last night.

I quite liked this movie and so was puzzled by the NYT review, which seems to completely miss the point. Complaining about the realism of the local police in a vaguely magical realist coming of age story is a bit like complaining about all the noisy space explosions in Star Wars or Star Trek. Yeah, sure, but so what?

In any case, the movie is a light-hearted bit of fun that does a nice job of capturing the angst of the teen years, particularly the way that even minor parental quirks become magnified into the equivalent of the gulag. It is also very much a movie about teen boys, and stands out for not implicitly or explicitly making them look like idiots. Oh, and the (not unrelated to the gender theme) biblical allusions are cool.


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