Thursday, May 26, 2011

Movie: Fast Five

We are in the midst of a very fluffy streak in terms of movies. Last night was Fast Five, which got picked mainly because it had a surprisingly positive rating on rotten tomatoes for an action movie.

The NYT - not A.O. Scott this time - does not share the enthusiasm and is, I think, too harsh. Fast Five is better than Pirates or Thor, though I, at least, would put it below Hanna, among the last four action movies we've seen.

As the NYT review suggests, Fast Five is really just Ocean's 11 gone to Brazil, with burlier guys, less humor, a dash of Brazilian beach (required, of course, to get the handprint of the bad guy in order to open the great big safe) and lots and lots of cars and chases.

Recommended for (very) mindless fun.

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