Friday, May 6, 2011

Academic bloggers

The NYT profiles some of the leading academic bloggers.

Of those listed, I read Mankiw and Instapundit reasonably regularly, Becker/Posner, Althouse and Volokh on occasion and crooked timber on rarer occasions. Back in the day, I took two of Becker's classes in graduate school and was, prior to Heckman's return from Yale in 1991, working on a dissertation under his supervision.

I was surprised by the absence of Marginal Revolution, which is the academic blog I read most faithfully. I am probably in some sense trying to emulate a combination of MR and Mankiw plus movie reviews though at this point I now longer worry overmuch about what the blog is or should be and just post what strikes me.

Addendum: Chris Blattman on academic blogging and, in particular, Dan Drezner.

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