Monday, May 2, 2011


I am about two years behind on reading my dead-tree reason magazines, which is actually kind of interesting, especially in regard to political articles, because I know some of the future that the authors do not.

Last night I read this fine article about Christiania, the "free city" located on an old military base not far from downtown Copenhagen. The article does a good job of describing the place as I remember it from my own visit.

I hope it lives on. It really is a public good at this point, not just for the tourists it brings to the city but also for the example it provides of a different way of living. The government would be foolish and mean to shut it down. Indeed, I think they should work with the residents to reestablish the kinder, gentler pot market that existed a decade ago, before the government shut it down and let rougher folk come in to replace it in the shadows.

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Unknown said...

Today the residence of Christiania just accepted to actually buy the properties (they have been squatting for 40 years). They are buying the land way below market value (

Here's a prediction: The economic incentives - selling seaside residences in one of the World's most expensive cities with a hugh profit - will be too big of a deal not to enter and the area will be normalized within ten years time.