Friday, May 6, 2011

Assorted links

1. Descriptive differences between Mac and PC users. I don't fit well in either camp.

2. Political scientists everywhere mourn as Brits reject alternative voting.

3. A remarkably lazy, and remarkably honest, elected official in Tennessee.

4. Do you really need a SWAT team to search the home of someone who is suspected of being a driver for escorts? Even better is sending the SWAT team to the correct house.

5. Tyler praised this French existentialist version of Star Wars. It didn't work for me as well. Indeed, I thought about giving it its own post, with the title "Why the French did so poorly in the war" but then decided that would be too snarky.

6. Why I am not a Republican, Michigan legislature edition. The state budget is collapsing and they are worried about what people are doing in their bedrooms? Get serious.

7. How mistaken quotations get circulated.

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