Monday, March 7, 2011

World's coolest parking garage?

On Saturday after my seminar at Miami, my wife and I drove our rental car to South Beach and spent the late afternoon and early evening walking around looking at the Art Deco architecture, the beautiful people, and the beach.

The parking garage where I parked the rental car, 1111 Lincoln Road, is surely the coolest parking garage I have ever parked in, and attracts many high quality parkers. Above is a picture of me standing next to the Lamborghini that I parked next to. As we walked down the stairs within the garage, which is not all that large, we also saw a Porsche, a Jag and multiple BMWs, Mercedes and Lexi.

Also within the garage is a trendy boutique called Alchemist that appears to sell only white, gray and black cocktail dresses, for those, I guess, who forgot to shop for their evening out before leaving the house.

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