Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Club Michigan

As the picture in an earlier post indicates, I wore a Michigan t-shirt for our walk around South Beach in Miami on Saturday. After all, they are always and everywhere in style!

While walking around, not one but two different people, one on a bike and one on foot, smiled and said "Go Blue!" as they went past.

We dined at a very nice open air restaurant called the Cafe at Books & Books. The manager there turned out to have a sibling who teaches at Michigan, so we had a long and enjoyable chat about life in Miami versus life in the Midwest. We were even treated to free carrot cake.

I've had similar things happen elsewhere. I was sitting in an airport in Germany one time, again wearing a Michigan t-shirt, and had a very nice older gentleman start a conversation about how much he enjoyed his undergraduate days at Michigan.

It is fun to be a part of an enterprise that so many people identify with in such positive ways.

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