Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Assorted links

1. Revenge of the nerds: a fine piece on sports analytics from the Boston Globe.

2. Mankiw cuts Tiger Woods from his textbook. Thought question: would sales of his textbook go up or down, on net, if Greg made it marginally more salacious? Separate question: would the average number of pages read by student purchasers increase or decrease?

3. A very nice piece from the Economist's DIA blog on the Founding Fathers (of the US) and religion. They were not all deists and they were not all evangelicals, despite what the left and right, respectively, like to claim. And whatever happened to deism, anyway?

4.The Honest Courtesan on deflowering customers. The first comment is pretty moving and again illustrates the social worker role that sex workers sometimes play.

5. On the failures of economic journalists. The last one is truly quixotic.

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