Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Assorted links

1. Ken Troske and friends on TARP.

2. Cool photos of lonely Chicago buildings.

3. The rise of on-line romance. The length-biased sampling mentioned in the post is not the only issue; there also seems to be some confusion about what it means for a search method to be "effective". Also missing is any mention of the fact that some people may not be looking for a long-term partner, or may be choosing their search methods with both long- and short-term partners in mind. But the descriptives are interesting.

4. David Brooks parodies from U of Chicago magazine. These are funny even if you are not a regular David Brooks reader, as I am not, as they parody a general style of punditry.

5. Dierdre McCloskey on economic development (oh, and her new book too).

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