Saturday, February 5, 2011

Play: The War Since Eve

The current Performance Network (PN) offering is called The War Since Eve. It has just had its run extended for a couple more weeks.

Usually, we end up seeing PN plays towards the end of their runs, having rescheduled two or three times (something PN is remarkably patient with). This time, we saw the play early on, during previews. There were a few bumpy spots during the preview, such as a suitcase that kept tipping over, but I expect they have all been worked out by now.

The play itself is quite funny and pokes equally at feminists and non-feminists. I particularly enjoyed Leah Smith's performance as Milty, one of the two daughters of (imaginary) feminist icon Roxie Firestone, but all three actors were strong.

Reviews from the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit Examiner and Encore Michigan.


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