Saturday, February 12, 2011

Family values on Craigslist

Another family values Republican bites the dust, brought down by the devil.

The most interesting bit here may be his choice to pose on Craigslist as a lobbyist. I suppose that three factors enter into the choice of a profession for one's on-line alter ego. First, you want it to be distant enough from your actual profession so that you cannot be easily identified. Second, you want it to be something you know well enough to fake. Third, you want it to be something that, on its own, will not drive away potential playmates. It seems to me that for ex-Congressperson Lee, lobbyist fits the first two but not the third. But then, inside the beltway, things may be different.

And, you know, going on Craigslist as a Congressman is just plain dumb, even with a phony profession. Next time Satan inflames his loins, perhaps Congressman Lee will hire an escort or get some cigars for his intern.

Hat tip: Sue Dynarski on Facebook

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