Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Economic Way of Thinking

I've added the "Economic Way of Thinking" blog to the blogroll on the right.

Two of the three writers of the blog are co-authors (with the late Paul Heyne) of the Economic Way of Thinking textbook. I used that book in my high school economics class and it played a role in getting me interested in economics. When I got to college at the University of Washington, I ended up being mentored by Paul Heyne, who had a huge influence on my career switch from computer science, my interest in being an academic and my politics.

Further illustrating what a small world academic economics is, the Canadian edition of the Economic Way of Thinking text is co-authored by my former Western Ontario colleague (and all around very cool guy) John Palmer. Turns out, as I just learned, he has his own blog. I've added it to the blogroll as well.

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