Friday, February 18, 2011

Higher education cuts in Michigan

Like any high quality journalistic outlet would, leads with the reactions of soon-to-be undergraduate Tara:
"I think colleges are going to have to jack up tuition,” she said after hearing of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's budget proposal to cut higher education funding by 15 percent. “They’re going to have to. It’s going to suck. I might have to live at home because of the cost.”
OH .... MY .... GOD!!!!!!!!! Tara might have to live at home with her PARENTS!!!! They're OLD and they SUCK ....

Sigh. Must stop now and do work.


mrzero said...

You can't really begrudge a teenager's desire to get away from parents. At least she was perceptive enough to make the link between lower state contributions and higher tuition.

econjeff said...

I don't begrudge it at all! I'm just not sure I want to subsidize it. As a parent, I was also amused that this was the worst possible effect of tuition increases that Tara, or, could come up with.