Friday, May 14, 2010

People I knew in Judy Thornton's class at UW

Readers who know me and also my old friend Ken Troske may have heard me tell a story about a small honors economics class - about 10 students - that Ken and I both took back in our undergraduate days at the University of Washington. The amazing fact about this class - amazing at least if you know both Ken and me - is that neither of us was the loudest person in the class nor the second loudest person in the class.

The loudest person was a fine fellow called Dan Shasteen, whose father sold aluminum siding in Hawaii and who was a great fan of Austrian economics in general and of Ludwig von Mises in particular. The second loudest person, and the motivation for this post, was called Nelson del Rio. I learned yesterday, by first reading the UW Economics Department's alumni newsletter and then following up on the "Celebration" awards ceremony page, that he has done quite well for himself indeed.

Congratulations to Nelson!

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GoatRoper said...

I went to high school with Dan Shasteen in Honolulu. He was a fearsome debater and was at times a bit loud when getting his point across. He was also a great guy.