Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another social conservative hypocrite bites the dust

This is almost too good to be true: soon-to-resign social conservative congressman Mark Souder is interviewed about abstinence-only sex education by his mistress.

Sometimes you just have to love those politicians.

On a more social science note, comparing the relative attractiveness of the two gives one some sense of just how powerful power is as an aphrodisiac. More broadly, collecting data on all the congressional affairs and then coding the pictures of the participants involved for their "beauty", an exercise now pretty standard in some corners of the research world, and then comparing the differences in attractiveness levels to those found in "ordinary" couples, would make a fine paper.

Now poor Mark Souder has to go back to selling used cars or chasing ambulances or whatever it was he was doing before. Only 534 more hypocrites to go.

Hat tip: Sue Dynarski

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