Sunday, May 23, 2010

Movie: Iron Man 2

As much as it pains me to praise anything to do with the NYT, I have come to quite enjoy A.O. Scott's movie reviews. He is pretty on target with Iron Man 2, though in the end I liked it rather more than he did.

The plot is indeed a hash, but Scott understates the comedic value. This movie shares the delightful and thoroughgoing cynicism of Robocop; there is even a gentle indirect poke at the vanity of our beloved leader, Saint Obama.

There are, as one expects, lots of pomo references to various aspects of pop culture; even Walt Disney plays an indirect role as a key aspect of the plot turns on a version of an old Disney video about EPCOT.

Gary Shandling is perfect as the weasel senator and, as Scott notes, Sam Rockwell rocks as Justin (read "Armand") Hammer.

And, of course, there is Scarlett, lovely Scarlett. I'll confess, I laughed the most at the completely superfluous Matrix-honoring action sequence towards the end of the movie in which tightly dressed Scarlett disposes of numerous security guards at Hammer's laboratory, stopping after every two or three guards to pose, grin and wink at the camera.

Recommended as light summer fun.

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