Monday, May 24, 2010

Clio Can Congratulations

Congratulations to my (still pretty new) colleague Paul Rhode for winning the "Clio Can" award from the Cliometric society at their annual meeting this year.

The cliometric society is devoted to applying the tools of economic theory and econometrics to the study of historical data.

Being historians, we may have to wait a while for them to update their web page of past Clio Can winners with Paul's picture, but you might enjoy looking at the pictures anyway while you wonder why no history of the somewhat oddly named award - there must be a good story there - is provided on the website.

Hat tip: Martha Bailey

Addendum: A visit to Paul Rhode's office to see the Clio Can in person reveals that it is literally a can of Clio Italian Olive Oil with a wooden base. The base has plaques with the names of the winners. The can comes in a heavy duty carrying case for travel by air.

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