Sunday, October 5, 2008

Veep debate liveblog

I missed the VP debate because I was on a plane to BWI (though I would not have watched it even if I was not on the plane) but reading this liveblog by Will Wilkinson makes me feel just like I did watch it after all.

A couple of highlights to encourage you to read it all:

"9:11 - Palin: Doggone it, Joe! It’s not about Bush. God bless your teacher wife, Joe. Teachers should get more dough, because my whole family is teachers. I am SO RELATABLE."

"9:20 - Biden: My weakness. Excessive passion. Ask Mrs. Biden. I’m a total busybody. And I was a single parent. And know what it’s like to worry. And I’m a totally sensitive guy and I just might cry, I want this job so much."

One more time: there is no better evidence for the existence of a higher power than that things work at all (i.e. most Americans have (too much) food, clothing, cable tv etc.) even though people like these two bozos and their friends, enablers and sycophants are in charge.

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