Monday, October 13, 2008

Britney's "womanizer" video

So Britney is apparently taking on all the womanizers out there with a video that will encourage male viewers to think about other women, or, more precisely, one other woman in particular.

The "story" from TV guide here (plus you can vote on the video!) and the video at Britney's site here.

I thought about writing a longish post giving my views on "objectification" but I think I will hold off on that until another time, other than to say that a video that implicitly requests men not to treat women like objects while doing nothing but treating its star as an object (in pursuit of the noble goal of a financial and popular comeback) is a tiny bit conflicted or maybe just ridiculously hypocritical.

Oh, and I only watched the video out of a combination of music appreciation and scientific curiosity.