Monday, October 20, 2008

All calm down

Some wise words from John Hood.

Obama getting elected will not send the US down the slippery slope to socialism nor would McCain winning usher in some sort of warfare state. Obama will hand out some goodies to the usual suspects on the left, such as organized (cartelized?) labor, but I think it makes sense to expect something very much like the Clinton administration without the sex and the lamp throwing. These folks on the right who act like it would be some sort of apocalypse are just deeply silly and quite removed from reality. Chill out people. The US political system is like a giant oil tanker. It is quite difficult for it to change course other than slowly. Moreover, the president, thankfully, has much less power than the sheep seeking a shepherd in both parties imagine. There will be no second coming, and change we can believe in has already been revealed to be Joe Biden, card check, and "tax cuts" (which is to say tax postponement, with interest) for the middle class; put differently, change we can believe in is not really change at all, just the usual beltway banditry.

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