Thursday, October 2, 2008

Children in political ads

Michael Moynihan of reason tags the Obama singing children video just right here.

Whoever is doing it, I have never understood the point of using children as trained seals in political ads. Usually this is done in ads for school-related bond issues or initiatives.

First, it seems to me that this is essentially de facto child abuse; put differently this is essentially unpaid child labor where paid child labor would be illegal.

Second, how can the viewer possibly interpret this in a positive way? Essentially the use of small children in political advertising says that the people behind whatever person or issue is being advertised either could not find a compelling adult to be in their ad, which is something you would think they would prefer to keep under wraps, or they think that voters are so pathetic that they would base their choices on statements by people whom society views as too young to have thoughtful opinions and therefore too young to vote.