Saturday, December 11, 2010

Institutional holiday greetings

For some years now it has been the case that I have reached an odd stage in life in which I receive more holiday greetings (physical cards or electronic cards) from institutions than from actual people.

So far this month I have received exactly zero holiday greetings from actual people - still a bit early for them - but three from institutions:

Intellectual (always!) greetings from the University of Chicago
Diverse and enthusiastic greetings from the University of Washington
Resolutely generic greetings from Delta Airlines.

One wonders if anyone has ever evaluated the effectiveness of expenditures on such efforts on profits / donations. The UW video, in particular, took some real resources to put together.

Oh, and of course, no mention of Christmas anywhere, ever. I'm compeltely fine with that, but it is nonetheless an interesting social phenomenon.

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