Friday, December 24, 2010

Assorted links

1. Former Husky quarterback and current KJR radio commentator has opinions on the Huskies and the Seahawks.

2. Thoughts on evaluation from Howard Bloom of MDRC on the occasion of his winning the Peter Rossi award of the Association for Public Policy and Management. Most if not all of the thoughts apply to any sort of quantitative empirical research.

3. David Frum on the Mugwumps. This is a period of US political history that I know relatively little about.

4. An hilarious takedown of Alice Waters and middle school gardens in California. Another silly policy to add to the paper topic list for my undergraduate evaluation course. Reading, writing and arithmetic really, really, really should be the primary focus, especially in schools serving low-income populations. Once they are mastered, then make time for other things. Reading is a necessary condition for success in life. Gardening, delightful though it is, is not.

5. An update on the Mounties (now bossed by a relative of my wife). There are lots of lessons to be had in public management.

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