Thursday, December 16, 2010

Assorted links

1. Fine life advice from Roll Call of all places. If everyone (or just a decent fraction of the people) inside the Beltway took this to heart, it would be a much nicer place to live.

2. Kim Jong-Il explores his world.

3. Frontiers in alcohol consumption. I'm old school on this one.

4. U of Chicago puts artifacts of African American history on the web. This type of work seems first order to me. In general, I think that the science agencies should fund data collection and documentation, which is what this is, in preference to research projects using secondary data, which will get performed "for free" if the data are available and interesting.

5. Novel policy responses to climate change. This bit is novel in two ways: first, a different type of policy is considered and, second and more importantly, policies are actually compared in a serious and thoughtful way.

#1 via a free trade email list I somehow became a part of, #2 may be the Agitator or it may be the Good S**t blog, #3, need you even ask, is Lars Skipper and #4 is from the nice emails I get from the U of Chicago.

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