Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sitting in the back

Gulliver, the Economist's travel blog, opines on what to do when the financial crisis - or just not being a jet setting corporate type - lands you in coach.

I was puzzled the suggestion about taking daytime flights. To me, there are five main differences between the front and the back: (1) the food; (2) the entertainment; (3) drink prices; (4) work space and (5) comfort level. The first four of these are irrelevant if you are sleeping. I do not find it any easier to sleep in the front than in the back - you are still on a plane in a chair with people making noise and stupid announcements about duty free shopping at inopportune times - so to me you want to be in front on flights when you won't be sleeping, rather than when you will be sleeping.

Seatguru, which is linked to in the article, is pretty cool.