Sunday, February 1, 2009

I pledge ... not to be a self-righteous airhead celebrity

"I pledge to be a servant to our president"

Can anyone not get what it means to be a free and independent person (or an American or even just an adult) more deeply than is required to sincerely utter this statement?

One more time: the president is the elected manager of a large firm that produces certain public goods using money taken from people by force. In the course of doing so, a great deal of the money is spent on private goods and transfers for politically favored individuals, firms and groups. The president is not your mom. He is not your dad. He is not Buddha. He is not Jesus (and he is not the Antichrist either). He is not your best friend or even your dog. He is just a smart, well-spoken guy who would otherwise be a law professor without many publications.

Have a bag nearby while you watch.

If your dinner remains with you after the video, try this song by Garrison Keiler.

Hat tips: Chris Blattman, who also points to this fine takedown (from a somewhat different angle) by Marbury.