Sunday, February 8, 2009

Movie: Taken


So, here is the deal on Taken. A bunch of nasty characters from Albania kidnap rich white young female tourists in Paris and sell them to rich guys (most particularly Arabs) to use as their personal playthings. By giving the French police a few hundred Euros, they somehow avoid any interest on their part, as well as the 24-hour coverage on CNN, CNBC and Fox News that normally results when perky white girls go missing overseas. As a result, the ex-CIA (or something) father of one of such girl has to fly to France and kill all the bad Albanian (and some bad non-Albanians) guys and blow up lots of stuff so that he can recapture his airhead daughter, with whom he is keen to build emotional bridges, just before she loses her virginity (yeah, right!) to a sheik on a riverboat.

Heard enough? If you are into such things, grab some freedom fries (the movie is none too kind to the French) and enjoy 90 minutes of violent Hollywood fluff.