Sunday, March 25, 2012

Uncle Bonsai

My favorite folk group, Uncle Bonsai, played last night in Ann Arbor. I was quite remiss for not advertising it on here in advance, but it was a busy week, with many undergraduate draft term papers to read, a visitor from Europe and prospective student day. In lieu of the show, here is a video from last year's show at the Ark:

I thought this year's show was stronger than last year's, mainly because new band member Patrice O'Neill, who replaced the beloved Ashley (on whom I had a gigantic crush back in college), is now much more comfortable performing with the group.

Their show in Ann Arbor is part of a Midwest tour that includes stops in EvanstonNorthwest Indiana and Madison.

I have seen Uncle Bonsai perform around 25 times over a period of over 30 years. They are highly recommended.

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