Monday, March 19, 2012

Assorted links

1. Obama = Santorum on manufacturing. There is no good economic reason to favor manufacturing over other sectors of the economy. There is of course a bad reason, which is the one that is operative here. That reason is vote-buying. Note: yet another data point regarding partisan differentiation disorder.

2. Hear Ben Bernanke lecture live!

3. A fraternity will soon occupy the former Memorial Christian Church near Lorch Hall, home of the Michigan economics department. At least it won't be so noisy on Sunday mornings any more.

4. As is usually the case, whether privatization of government services is a good idea depends on the details of how it is done. Why am I not surprised that Chicago is the poster child for how not to privatize parking?

5. Low turnout at the Playboy tryouts at Michigan.

#2 via Greg Mankiw.

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