Saturday, February 11, 2012

Requests for letters of recommendation

This is from the LSE:


Dear Jeffrey Smith,
You have been asked by NAME OF STUDENT (EMAIL OF STUDENT) to complete a letter of reference for the London School of Economics and Political Science in support of FIRST NAME OF STUDENT's application for the following programme(s):


Firstly, thank you on behalf of LSE and NAME OF STUDENT EMAIL OF STUDENT for agreeing to supply a reference. We realise this is a busy time of year and that you will receive many such requests.


Actually, if the LSE admissions office really cared about my time, they would add a line or two of code to the program that generates these emails that would write out the names (i.e. actual English words) of the programs being  applied to rather than providing obscure administrative codes, as if I had nothing better to do all day than to poke around the internet trying to find out what N3UA might be.


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